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Chhabria & Sons is a name synonymous with beautification since 1974. We offer diverse choices in Sanitary ware and stone bowls, Ceramic wall and Floor tiles, Vitrified Tiles, Designer faucets and showers, wooden flooring, modular kitchens, wellness products, CPVC pipes and aqua-lights.

Tap Fittings & Sanitary Wares

  • All taps should be fitted on the corner of the tiles so that while fitting, the tiles don't break.
  • Taps require high pressure, thus ensure it before buying. A pressure pump is a must to enjoy your shower.
  • Ensure all fittings to have ceramic washers.
  • All cold water pipe should be of copper, galvanized iron or C-pvc. The galvanised iron pipes should be insulated with asbestos.
  • All PVC pipes should be heavy grade .
  • All incoming pipes should be pressure tested before they are plastered over.
  • Drainage pipes of PVC can be used instead of the cast iron, because it corrodes very easily.
  • Avoid exposed pipes inside the bathroom, or try not to let it run for more than 6 ft before joining the drainage system.
  • To cover the exposed pipes, a wide ledge can be built in the EWC area which can also add to the aesthetics by keeping a flower vase on top.
  • A stainless steel railing support is ideal for elderly people, one inch thick, runs the full length of the wall, and between the shower and toilet.
  • Towel rack near the shower area is a must.
  • Toughened glass shower partitions are a must to separate the wet & dry areas.This reduces maintenance of the bathroom considerably.
  • Dilute hydrochloric acid may be used to wash EWC's and Ceramic tiles(make sure the taps are covered with a plastic bag while using acid & make sure you apply acid on a small portion to check for any reaction).White vinegar can be used to wipe tap fittings of stains.We also have a product called GLITZ which can remove calcium stains.
  • Wipe all taps, EWCs,Wash-Basins and Tiles with a dry cloth once everyday. It retains its luster for a longer time.
    Pedestal basins are preferable for smaller toilets where as counter wash basins for larger ones. The counter can also help in keeping your toiletries.
  • A linen closet is an additional boon if space permits.
  • Correct plumbing is of utmost importance. The main water tap area should be near the slope next to the EWC so that the area around it is always dry. This is specially important when dealing with limited space.
  • EWC should be positioned where it cannot be seen on opening the door.
  • On an average a person uses 180 liters of water a day, hence if storing water is required, loft tanks accordingly, should be provided depending on the number of users.

Tips On deciding a colour scheme for your bathroom

  • Start a scrap book or clipping file of colour combinations that you like. Include advertisements, magazine covers, reproductions of painting and so on, as well as illustrations of domestic architecture and interiors.
  • Visit art Museums, model homes, libraries, furniture stores etc and make notes of what you specially like or dislike.
  • Look carefully at the colours used in bathrooms of your friends, paying attention to first impressions as well as to the more important lasting effects.
  • Make a list of your favourite colours.
  • Colour combinations generally are best when thoughtfully related to you, that is the user of the bathroom and the other members of your household. The favourite colour or combination of colours might be the guide in selecting tiles.
  • It is generally found that
    + Active, vigorous people often prefer strong contrasting colours (extroverts)
    + Quieter persons sometimes favour rather cool, neutralised, harmonious schemes.
  • Cool hues, light values and low intensities make small rooms seem larger.
  • Rooms too long and narrow can be visually shortened and widened by having one end wall warmer, darker and more intense than the side walls.
  • Rooms that are too square and box like seem less awkward if one or two walls are treated differently from the others or if one wall and the ceiling or the floor are similar in colour.
  • In rooms well lighted by large windows or good artificial illumination, colours will not be distorted. In rooms with less light, colours seem darker and duller.
  • Cheering colours lessen the apparent need for vitamins and tonic.
  • Light colours are preferable for small toilets, dark bolder colours for larger toilet.
  • The right play colours, attractive accessories and co-ordinate fittings constitute a well designed bathroom.
    A definite character can be induced in the bathroom by using vivid imagination, working on a theme or personality of the user.(Eg:The Victorian look, the African Jungle theme etc..)

Tips Before You Buy Tiles & Tap Fittings & Sanitary Wares

  • Measure the area to be tiled and calculate the number of tiles you will need. Your measurements should be accurate and in square metre.
  • It pays to buy about 5% more tiles than you need, to cover breakages.
  • Please go through the instructions before laying the tiles.
  • Ensure uniformity of colour shades, uniformity in sizes & warpage before tiling, by inspecting the tiles spread on the floor and replace the mismatched tiles immediately.
  • Also refer the instruction manual before fixing up the tap fittings and sanitaryware.
  • Taps of single lever type are easier to operate & more efficient.
  • Rain or Massage showers are a must to enjoy your shower.

Ideal Lighting For Your Bathroom

  • The light should be bright over the sink, medium in the bath area subdued over the EWC.
  • Rooms facing south and west get more heat and more light than those facing East or North. These differences can be minimised by using cool colours in South and West rooms, warm colours in East and North rooms.
  • In rooms well lit by large windows or good artificial illumination, colours will not be distorted. In rooms with less light, colours seem darker and duller.
  • False ceiling with halogen spots adds a little sparkle to an otherwise dull bathroom.

The Right Proportions For The Bathroom

  • Shower area: 4'6"x3'6”
  • The Toilet: 3'0 "
  • The Wash Basin Counter: 3'0 "(length)x2'0"(breadth)x2'8"(ht)
  • Bathing stool: 5 " to 16"(ht)
  • The entrance door: 2' 6 " Width
  • Bath mat: (approx 1'3 "x2'3")
  • A Comfortable sized Bathroom: 9'x7'

Face Lifting Your Bathroom

  • Placing the Geysers in the false ceiling with an access door eases maintenance. But good looking geysers like AO SMITH are available today.
  • If the bathroom is spacious, stepped bathing areas create interest.
  • Exhaust fans have become a common feature and do clear the bad odour in bathrooms. They can be fitted in the false ceiling too.
  • Safety measures are very important. The electrical fitting must be of the highest standard and installed at safe convenient places and heights.
  • One must style the room to suit the age of its user. (Eg: for the aged and for the handicapped handrails should be provided at convenient places.)
  • Floors should never be slippery and keep the floor dry.
  • Bathrooms need to be well planned even in limited space and should not be cramped.
  • In small bathrooms,the bigger the  mirror the better.It gives a spacious look to the bathroom.

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