We all have unique tastes when it comes to bathroom styles and ideas. The latest buzzword in the world of interiors is contemporary design.

Contemporary design which was earlier limited to living rooms and bedrooms has now made its way into bathrooms as well. Contrary to traditional bathrooms, contemporary ones are more modern and edgy in appearance. Brash colours, bold wallpapers and chunky pieces have paved the way for something more delicate, clean and sleek that converts space into a one-of-a-kind wet room that is welcoming and warm.

As top bathroom fitting dealers in Bangalore, we believe contemporary bathrooms reflect a forward-thinking design approach. Think clean lines, simple styling, geometric fixtures, uncluttered counter spaces, flowing curves and minimal colour. Elegance and appearance aside, the aesthetic of contemporary design has us totally obsessing over it. We love how functionality and design blends together and works in total harmony.
Whether you’re planning to make small upgrades or take the plunge into a complete overhaul, we would recommend designing a cloakroom that oozes with simplicity. The thumb rule of contemporary bathroom design - ‘Less is more’ definitely holds good here.

Without further ado, let’s start transforming your bathroom into a chic and contemporary sanctuary. Remember, there are no strict set of rules with contemporary design. It’s easy-breezy and yet so intriguing.

  • Feature lines: Line is one of the most powerful design elements in contemporary-style bathrooms. Clean horizontal lines should be taken into consideration when selecting bathtubs, cabinets, vanities, mirrors and fixtures. Too many details and embellishments is a complete no-no. Soft curves are passé. Instead opt for fixtures that are rectangular in design and you’ll be able to achieve a line element.
  • Flooring: Until few years ago, tiles were laid down mostly for their functional benefits. However today, the aesthetics override the functionalities. In a modern wet room – bigger is better. Small tiles and unsightly grouting is something of the past. Today, it’s more about seamlessly achieving ‘the look’ with larger tiles and coordinated grouting. Picking out tiles for your bathroom remodelling process is easy with Chhabria & Sons. As bathroom tile dealers in Bangalore, our choices in terms of design, shape, colour and texture can be overwhelming. Whether you fancy a matte or glossy look or tiles that mimic surfaces such as wood, marble or stone, let’s take bathroom finishes to another level altogether.
  • Simple lighting: We’re restating the word ‘simplicity’ only because it’s a crucial aspect of contemporary design. Choose non-elaborate lighting fixtures. Don’t go in for loud, overhead lighting. Instead choose recess lighting which can be installed into any ceiling. A soft, adjustable set of spotlights can definitely help you set the mood after a long tiring day.
  • Concealed is part of the appeal: In modern wet rooms, pipes, wastes and connections are all hidden. An unsightly pipe popping from behind your EWC can break the whole look. Clean minimalist design is the real deal here. Drop into our showroom and we’ll help you choose fixtures that will complement this idea rather than hinder it. From floor-mount to wall-mount and frameless concealed cisterns, we can help you achieve the intended look.
  • Colour: Rule #1 – no bright colours. Your colour palette should boast of steely grey, soft ivory white or even a mix of black and white. Choose colours that can interact with the material choices, something that is more relaxing and futuristic. Make good use of textures too.
  • Lack of clutter: The ground rule here is to opt for a stripped-down approach. Choose cabinets that make optimum use of space. You may want to show off your Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works, but in a contemporary bathroom, they need to be neatly tucked out of the way.
  • Open space: No matter how tiny your bathroom is, create an illusion of open space. Ditch big square basins for strong curves, clean lines and sharp angles. Opt for floating vanities, expansive floors and free-standing baths.

Following these aspects can definitely bring ‘bathing bliss’ to your cloakroom. Would you consider adding a modern bathroom to your home? Let us know, and our designers will kick-start your bathroom project! We’re just a call away +91 9945769000. For more details, visit our website or visit our bathroom retail showroom in Bangalore.

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